Our Origins

The Best Shopping Experience

Hi, we are Casey & Jack!

We created JaceyCo out of a passion for sustainability, natural bath and body products and a desire to share our passion for candles, spirituality and natural care skin with the world.

Caseys obsession with soap making began from a little craft set to help manage her down times as she has BPD.

Casey also suffers with skin conditions and she has tried so many different brands and products and has never found anything that is natural and works for her, so many products have hidden nasties or aren't as eco friendly as they would like you to think,

As such, JaceyCo was born and Casey became a one woman skin care manufacturer, whipping up body butters, making wonderful unique body scrubs and all natural skin care wonders. Casey is now a fully qualified cosmetologist and aromatherapist, so you can use our products knowing that we are using the very best and safe skincare.

As our desire for sustainable bath and body products grew so did our inventory and we now offer candles too, rest assured we are CLP compliant!

Not only this, but as we looked into the bath and body market for totally natural products, we found there was just something lacking...FUN!

So with this we started our own little mission with JaceyCo and that is to bring the fun to natural and sustainable products, you will see from our seasonal range that we have so many fun products that we are very passionate about and we plan on keeping the momentum going!